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My grandma always had a secret recipe for special occasions. Every fall, once the leaves started to change and the air turned crisp, it was time for grandma's apple strudel. I decided to turn grandma's special dessert into a tea blend so it could be sipped throughout the season. Warm and buttery pastry notes combined with sweet, cinnamon sugared apples, golden raisins, roasted almonds and just the right amount of vanilla. Top with a cinnamon stick and whipped cream and it tastes just like a slice of freshly baked strudel topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

PreparationUse 1 1/2 tsp per 8 oz cup. Steep 5-7 minutes using 210F water. Try as a latte.

Ingredients: Apple, raisins, cinnamon chips, chicory root, slivered almonds, vanilla, caramel, natural flavors.

Caffeine Level: None

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I received this as a sample and immediately ordered 2 bags. Grandma's apple strudel is the perfect cozy cup of tea to unwind with at the end of the night. It has become a favorite ritual in my self care practice... slowing down to brew a cup of this perfect apple strudel blend, enjoying every sip as I journal and reflect on my day, taking sips of this magical tea and being fully present in the moment.

Jackie O

I got this tea as a sample with my order and it be added to my next order. My favorite way to make this was with a splash of extra creamy oat milk- it added another dimension to the flavors without hiding any of them. This tea is sweet and warm, a great evening option or for kiddos too.


I received this tea as a sample and let me say, that not a day goes by when I don't open the sample pack just to sniff it. It smells incredible and the taste.... I made one latte with it and am hoarding the other half of my sample until the full bags I ordered arrive. The way I would describe it is like a leveled up Forever Nuts tea (and I love me some Forever Nuts). It really does taste like a buttery apple dessert - and I'm not even an apple dessert person! :) This blend jumped to the top of my list ahead of Lavender Coconut Cream, Cinnamon French Toast and Chocolate Orange Truffle.

Ashley Sutton
Tastes like Heaven!

This tea is absolutely amazing, any time of day! Cozy flavoring of a deliciously baked dessert without any guilt! I will be keeping this in my stash on repeat as long as stock allows!


This tea tastes just like my husbands Nana’s apple strudel. It’s the perfect apple, vanilla, and Carmel ratio. I drink this tea daily.