The combination of a sweet liquid cordial center with a milk chocolate coating is truly divine. Try with a splash of milk and rock sugar for an even more decadent treat!

PreparationUse 1 tsp per 8 oz cup. Steep 5 minutes using 210F water. Great with milk.

Ingredients: Black tea, cocoa shells, cacoa nibs, freeze dried cherries, chocolate chips, marshmallows, natural and organic flavors.

Caffeine Level: High

2 oz package

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Customer Reviews

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Bradley Coates
Cheery for Cherries

The Tea Mage does it again folks! This tea tastes exactly like the confection that it is named after. If you like a tea with a creamy mouthfeel, is fruit forward, and has a complex chocolate flavor then it’s an absolute necessity to add this tea to your next purchase. This tea is transformative magic and makes candy drinkable. Cherry Cordial is now my new go-to cherry black tea! Much respect for this creative blended tea!

Geri Angiulli
Childhood Memories

So chocolate covered cherries were a Christmas treat in my home, and this tea has a special place in my heart! I can't believe how much this is just like the actual sweet...smells like it, tastes like it....I use full half/half creamer and no sweetener. Finished the bag within 2 weeks!

Tastes just like the real thing!

I always say this about every single tea, but you always start out with the smell...legit smells like opening a box of chocolate covered cherries!! And the taste is amazing. I added a splash of cream and that just made it even better!! The chocolate isn't overbearing...it's just right and those real cherries give it an amazing flavor! Love this one so much!

Tea with Jann

I don't know how Linsey does it, but this is amazing. I'm not typically a fan of chocolate teas, but I couldn't resist adding this one to my order to see how it was. You see, when I was little, before my dad passed away, Cherry Cordials were his favourite and if I was good he would show how he cared and he would offer me one of the elusive chocolates.
This tea did not disappoint, from opening the package and the smell being spot on, to the taste of the tea, it was absolutely amazing. I followed the directions and didn't add anything to this tea.
At first sip, memories came flooding back, and I was thrilled and shocked to have dreams with my dad all through the night.
Money can't bring him back to me, but somehow this tea has, even if only for a night. For that, I am forever grateful.
Tea, smells, tastes... they can have such a profound impact on us.
Linsey, thank you for creating the most perfect tea and having such an impact on a stranger miles away. Thank you!


Finally, a cherry tea that isn’t overpowered by tart hibiscus or tastes off. I dislike tart teas and generally find that they need to be sweetened up a fair amount to enjoy them. Honestly, I ordered this a few years ago and I think she might have improved the recipe since then as I don’t recall loving it like I have this time. Cherry is in the fore front and is sweet like the cherries in a cherry pastry and not watery, cloying or sour (as so many cherry teas are). The chocolate is in the background along with the marshmallows that mostly just made it sweet. The aroma is that of cherry yumminess! I enjoyed this plain without any additives but found it particularly yummy as a latte and also with a splash of Belgian chocolate creamer! Low calorie dessert in a cup!! I liked this best brewed at 200 for the full five minutes. This gave more time for the chocolate and marshmallows to dissolve and add more of their flavors and sweetness to the brew.