We put the mug in “muggle” with this delicious butterbeer blend.  People of all ages love the sweet, bubbly drink. Some say that it tastes like cream soda with butterscotch flavored cream and a glorious marshmallowy topping. 

PreparationUse 1 1/2 tsp per 8 oz cup. Steep 5-7 minutes using 210F water. Great with milk.

Ingredients: Honeybush, sarsaparilla, marigold petals, freeze dried marshmallows, butterscotch chips, natural flavors. 

Caffeine Level: None

2 oz package

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Customer Reviews

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So delicious

My new favorite after dinner treat!

One of my all time favorites!

This is the perfect blend for any tea loving muggle... not sure if this blend is named after the drink from Harry Potter or because it’s the perfect blend of butterscotch and root beer, but either way it is delicious!

I refused to use my last bit of tea from the last bag until I was able to place an order for more... it’s just that good!

Legit one of my favorites

This tea is awesome sauce. I love the combo of "rootbeer" and butterscotch. Could you please add more butterscotch chips for snacking because there is not way not to eat a few out of the bag. Seriously though, the entire household loved this tea and I had to hide it.