Whole dried cranberries bursting with tart flavor and pieces of sweet orange peel dot white tea leaves with colorful and tasty accents. Brown sugar is combined with the creamy flavor of scones topped with clotted cream. Pouring a hot, steamy cup is like taking a bite into a fresh-baked from the oven scone.

PreparationUse 1 1/2 tsp per 8 oz cup. Steep 3 minutes using 185F water. 

Ingredients: White tea, orange peel, dried cranberries, marigold petals, brown sugar, natural and organic flavors.

Caffeine Level: Low

2 oz package

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Customer Reviews

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Jackie O

There must be magic in this tea because it somehow tastes like a combination of every part of a scone. You get the orange glaze flavor and the mixture of the cranberry and orange in the body and there's also a cozy warm note of a fresh baked good. Highly recommend this one, I think it would make an awesome gift too, I can't imagine anyone not liking this.

Brittany Riedel
No milk, sugar, or actual scones needed.

With just a sip of warm cuppa, I am teleported to tea rooms and coziness. Simply amazing. Linsey, please consider making other types of scones as tea in the future. :)

Geri Angiulli
Oh So Nice!

White tea is so delicate that I hesitate to purchase blends...but this white tea is so soothing! I'll be darned if it doesn't taste just like a scone - creamy and citrusy. No need for any sweetener, but I always use creamer in any tea. I like this tea at room temperature.


This tea to me has been the most subtle in flavor. It still is delicious and smells so good.

Katie Grover
Tastes so real!

This tea tastes so real and just like the scones I made for my family. I am enjoy a cup of this right now and it makes me want to make those scones again. Taste of a scone without having to turn my oven on. I can't wait to get more of this.