This blend will take you back to your childhood days, sitting on the porch, sippin' on those old fashioned root beer floats. Add a touch of sugar and splash of milk and you will swear you were drinking the real thing! Perfect hot or poured over ice and naturally caffeine free!

PreparationUse 1 tsp per 8 oz cup. Steep 5-7 minutes using 210F water. Try as a latte.

Ingredients: Rooibos, sarsaparilla, marigold, freeze dried marshmallows (not shown) (sugar, corn syrup, water, modified cornstarch, contains less than 2% of gelatin, sodium phosphate, natural and artificial flavor, blue 1), natural and organic flavors.

Caffeine Level: None

2 oz package

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Customer Reviews

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Bringing back a childhood tradition

Root beer floats were a summertime tradition for me and my dad. While my mom was at work my dad would let me go on trips in his truck with him and anywhere we would go, we would find places that had root beer floats.

I knew I had to try this tea as soon as I saw it. I added some vanilla creamer and some ice for a delicious tea latte that tastes just like the real thing!!

Kayla Ripley
Great Blend!

Rooibos blends don't tend to be my favorite, but this tea really surprised me! I liked it a lot, both hot and iced, although I do prefer it iced. The sarsaparilla really made it taste like root beer! The marshmellows give it that extra 'float' flavor and an added sweetness. It is very good!

Super Yummy!!!!

I just tried this tea today and it's AMAZING!!! I was a little bit apprehensive of this tea at first because the idea of a root beer flavored tea seemed so unique to me. However, once I smelled it and had a sip of it I was astonished. This tea tastes exactly like a root beer float! It has all the flavor of root beer (to the point that you can almost imagine it being bubbly) and when I made it as a latte all of the creamy notes came out, making it taste like the ultimate sweet treat. So far I have had it iced, hot, and as both a hot and iced latte. I have loved every way that I have tried it and I highly recommend this tea <3

Hot beer!? Heck YEAH!

This tea smells and taste very much like root beer and makes an exceptionally pleasant hot tea! Who knew hot beer could taste so good?! I've got some tea pops of this freezing right now and can't wait to try em! A delicious tea!

Just like my childhood!

One of my favorite memories from my younger years with my dad was going out to run errands with him and stopping for A&W rootbeer floats on our way home. My family was BUSY– with three overachieving daughters and a packed schedule not much about my youth was spent not doing-doing-doing something, but these sweet little moments with my dad will always be carved out in my memory as such a treasure.
Lucky for me, when I found this sample sitting in my pile, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it– by recreating a healthier, tea-inspired dupe of my childhood fave! I’m sure this tea would be delicious brewed hot, but I knew that with only one tablespoon of tea to play around with, I had to test it out as an iced tea pop (cold brew cut with sparkling water).
After straining the next morning, I added about a cup and a half of fresh sparkling water, topped with a few ice cubes, and YUM– you guys– this was a perfect dupe of my old favorite. The rooibos base flavors were there, but they melded beautifully with the sasparilla and other flavors to perfectly mimic a sweet & creamy rootbeer float. My sample didn’t come with any mini marshmallows as advertised, but maybe that’s for the best with an iced brew– and it still was delightfully creamy and sweet.
A definite winner– and a nostalgic treat that I’ll be making for myself again and again this summer (and maybe my dad as well)!