Snickerdoodle's are the perfect holiday cookie. Packed with that classic cinnamon and sugar flavor, this tea will quickly become a family favorite! 

Preparation: Use 1 1/2 tsp per 8 oz cup. Steep 5-7 minutes using 210F water. Try as a latte.

Ingredients: Honeybush, organic cinnamon, organic cane sugar, organic brown sugar, cinnamon drops, natural and organic flavors.

Caffeine Level: None

2 oz package

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Customer Reviews

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Cozy in a cup

I’m obsessed with snickerdoodle everything! It’s my favourite cookie and I always get excited when I see a snickerdoodle tea blend! This tea has delicious warm brown sugar and cinnamon notes! It’s sweet and cozy and makes a great hot latte! I love that it’s honey bush because it makes a great caffeine-free dessert treat before bed! My favourite tea from the necessiteas!

Warm Cinnamon and Sugar

One of my favorite night time treats with less guilt. I wish it was easier to find honeybush teas because rooibos hurts my throat.

Tastes Like A Hug In A Cup

This tea is fabulous! I ordered it recently and was very impressed with how similar it tastes like to a snickerdoodle cookie! It is sweet, buttery, and cinnamony. It warms you up inside and tastes like a delicious treat! I highly recommend this tea to anyone that likes cookies and yummy dessert teas :)